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The Leloir Institute Foundation is a scientific research center devoted to research and training of human resources through graduate teaching in biochemistry and cell and molecular biology. It is a non-profit Argentinian organization created in 1947, then under the direction of Dr. Luis Leloir (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1970). It is tightly linked to the CONICET (National Council for Scientific Research), as well as to the Universities of Buenos Aires, of Quilmes and of San Martín.




The research topics addressed in the laboratories of the Leloir Institute can be grouped into four major areas: 1) Cell biology and cancer, 2) Neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases, 3) Molecular microbiology and development of vaccines, and 4) Genetics and molecular biology of plants of agronomic interest.
Each of these areas comprises several laboratories, which focus on different problems yet trying to answer common questions using similar methodologies. One of the main objectives of the Institute is to promote the work of individual laboratories through the establishment of support services. This generates a multidisciplinary approach to the addressed problems and the development of the infrastructure and the availability of sophisticated equipment necessary for these areas.