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The National Center for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Macromolecules is located at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and was financed by PADCT (federal funding agency). A 600 MHz and a 400 MHz Bruker-DRX spectrometers are available for high resolution macromolecular structure determination.  The spectrometers are equipped with three channels system for multidimensional multinuclear analysis, triple resonance inverse probes with pulsed field gradient actively shielded coils.

The 400 MHz has a wide bore magnet that enables studies with solids (CP/MAS) and experiments with high hydrostatic pressure.



Seven areas of research and Development considered strategies for health in the coming decades were chosen to be benefited by the Boundaries: Biology of development, Dengue and emerging diseases, discovery and development of new drugs, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Oncobiology and cell therapies, environment and health education. In these areas, the units concerned have jurisdiction of international recognition and which must now be consolidated within the University. In addition to 20 carefully planned and equipped laboratories for specific searches, the skyscraper will, yet, with classroom practice and theoretical, auditorium with capacity for 150 people, meeting rooms and classrooms where they are installed the large equipment. The facility and the staff has capabilities for:

Protein structure and dynamics of sample with biotechnological relevance such as:
Viral proteins, antigenic peptides and toxins.
Protein folding studies.
Structure of nucleic acids and the complex with proteins.
Structure of complex polisacharides.