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IFSC was created in 1994, originating from the Instituto de Física e Química de São Carlos, which had been established in 1971. Since then, IFSC has become one of the main Institute of the University of São Paulo and currently has a staff of approximately 70 researchers, and is divided in two departments: Department of Physics and Material Science and Department of Physics and Informatics. The building area is 17,973 m2. Papers in refereed journals: 295




These departments are composed of different research groups researching in different areas of Physics and Interdisciplinary branches: Optics, Photonics, Atomic Physics, Semiconductors, Organic Materials, Ceramics, Biophysics and Biomolecular Physics, Optical and Magnetic Spectroscopies, Statistical Mechanics, Solid State Theory, Astrophysics, Computational Physics, etc. This inter disciplinary characteristic of the research developed at the IFSC promotes an integrated atmosphere for the development of new ideas and research paradigms. All the research areas of the IFSC are successfully integrated in the international scientific community, with several international collaborations and a productivity that can be measured by the numbers of papers published in ISI indexed journals: about 5 publications per researcher per year.

The IFSC offers four undergraduate courses: in Physics, in Computational Physics, in Biomolecular Physics, and in Higher Education in Sciences (in collaboration with the Chemistry Institute of São Carlos and the Mathematics and Computer Sciences Institute).