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Created in December 2009, the LNBio is the legacy of Structural Molecular Biology Center (CeBiME) that, over a decade, qualified researchers, produced knowledge and contributed to the advancement in the field of structural biology in the country. The laboratory maintains its commitment to scientific research of the border, but is also strongly committed to innovation. In this way, meets the demands of both the Brazilian academic community as companies seeking solutions for the development of new processes or products.



The national laboratory Bioscience (LNBio) acts on P, D&I in biotechnology with focus in the areas of structural biology, Molecular, cellular, proteomics, genomics, Metabolômica and chemical synthesis. As a national laboratory, offers to the academic community and business a set of multi-user research facilities; develops own scientific research programs through highly qualified team and articulates institutional networks of expertise. Integrates the National Center for research in energy and materials (CNPEM), located in Campinas-SP and operated by the Brazilian Association of Synchrotron Light Technology (ABTLuS) to the Ministry of science and technology (MCT) by management contract