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With a central laboratory unit based at the Department of Biochemistry of the School of Medicine (Universidad de la Republica), CEINBIO is an academic space of multi-institutional and interdisciplinary research. It gathers more than 60 research scientists in Montevideo, from the University Schools of Medicine, Chemistry and Science, as well as from the Clemente Estable and Pasteur Institutes. Its conceptual inception goes back to the year 2000, it has been officially launched in 2010 with its central unit at the School of Medicine directed by Dr. Rafael Radi.




It has an interdisciplinary approach, with converging inputs from chemists, biochemists, cell and molecular biologists, physiologists, pathophysiologists, pharmacologists and physicians. Its main interest is to reveal the molecular bases of pathology and therapeutics, with a focus on cellular redox processes. CEINBIO has generated an important infrastructure, great strengths in human resources and as an active training center for young scientists. It is a regional and international reference center in its field.