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As a result of an agreement between the University of Uruguay, the Uruguayan government and the Pasteur Institute in Paris, the IP Montevideo, a member of the International Network of Pasteur Institutes, was conceived as a private non-profit organization with a flexible organization able to adapt to the continuous progress of science and technology. It is sought to create a scientific research center of excellence, in turn able to carry out technology transfer to companies. The installation of a research center equipped with a modern array of sophisticated equipment, concentrated in one single place and used by highly qualified personnel is an essential element of this new institute. The IP Montevideo was launched in December 2006 and is completing the commissioning of research groups, several of these financially supported by an institutional program for young researchers. The main disciplines of interest are focused on neuroscience, cancer, infectious diseases, human genetics, cell biology and bioinformatics. Technological facilities were equipped in the following specialties: Proteomics and Protein Biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, production of recombinant proteins, biophysics and protein engineering, cell biology and animal cell technology, functional genomics and Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and Transgenic Animals.




Structural Biology is one of the main axes being developed in IP Montevideo. Recently created, this center has been equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to perform Structural Biology methods, enabling the experimental approach to problems of basic and applied interest. A multidisciplinary integrated area has been fully installed, including recombinant protein production and purification systems, biophysical studies of proteins in solution and macromolecular crystallography. Work on sensing and regulatory systems in bacterial models is a central line of research, including basic and applied aspects. Although the launching of this Institute is fairly recent, a variety of protein structures has already been determined, resulting in publications in high impact journals. Since its inception, IP Montevideo has collaborated closely with groups at the IBR institute in Rosario. Interaction with Fundación Instituto Leloir (Buenos Aires) is also being consolidated.