Application form

Information for interested participants

The CeBEM offers fellowships to support exchange activities promoting the interaction and learning among groups.

Who can apply for a Fellowship

PhD Students, posdocs or researchers working in one of the MERCOSUR countries wishing to carry out studies in the field of Structural Biology in one of the 9 centers in the region associated with CeBEM. To apply for a fellowship it is not necessary to work in a center associated with CeBEM.The CeBEM offers partial or complete funding for travel and/or short stays (from 1 week to 3 months). If applying for partial funding, the applicant must indicate whether it counts on other funds. The applicant must indicate an estimated amount of the required funds and the areas to be covered (travel tickets, accommodation, etc).

Interested applicants must complete and submit the Application form, and send to the secretariat together with this additional information:

  1. Letter of support of applicant’s director (in the case of Fellows), 1 page in pdf format.
  2. Letter of acceptance from a researcher of the place of work proposed for the fellowship, 1 page in pdf format.
  3. A description of the activities proposed for the fellowship, justified on the basis of the work plan of the applicant.

CEBEM will promote exchange and interaction activities within the following formats:


Short courses, thematic, periodic and rotary among member centers from the three countries:

  • 3 courses per year
  • 20 students, fully supported, keeping 20% of available places for students from other Latin American developing countries (Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.).
  • Courses will always have a strong emphasis in “hands-on” schedules, therefore are expected to require resources (consumables and equipment maintenance), which shall be budgeted for each course. It aims to create a concept of quality for the CEBEM courses, with the purpose of consolidating them as reference schools for the training of researcher scientists.
  • It aims to bringing invited lecturers, including from outside of the region.


Exchange Program for PhD students:

Short-term Fellowship (1 month):

  • For short-term stays, seeking for the utilization of specialized equipment, techniques and skills not available in their laboratories of origin.
  • Note that this method adds value to existing investments in the network laboratories, optimizing their use and avoiding unnecessary duplication of sophisticated equipment.

Medium- and long-term fellowships (6 months to 1 year):

  • To enable students to participate in graduate-student courses, to learn special techniques and perform research projects in collaboration (regional sandwich PhD). It aims to support existing courses.
  • We need to develop mechanisms for mutual academic recognition of courses and activities.
  • The goal of a future creation of a Regional PhD Program in Structural Biology should be noted here.


Exchange Program for Senior Research Scientists

  • Short-term (up to 1 month): joint implementation of research projects in collaboration.
  • Long and medium-term (6 months to 1 year) sabbatical program.